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Group pChat 19: The Manliest and Coldest pChat

group-19-BWS-Vaporeon-DX7_EP-PapayaKing-Miko copy

Well, the resolution problem was fixed and the canvas is back to 4000 v 4000 pixels. Artists in this session was me, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, PapayaKing, and Miko. There would be more, but someone’s stream caught some artist’s interest away. Nevertheless, this drawing session was both manly and cold.

Group pChat 18: Ship girls and More Boxes


Another session packed with people: me, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, AngryCow, Warsign, Mamizou, Fauzm, Chocodemon, TheVaultDweller, and PapayaKing.

There was a few issues with the pChat server, along with the canvas being smaller than usual, but everything went well.

Also, there is never enough box-sama.

Group pChat 17: Not enough Momijis

group-17-BWS-Vaporeon-DX7_EP-AngryCow-NorrisDrifter- copy

Today’s artists featured myself, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, AngryCow. and NorrisDrifter.

Also, I manage to host the pChat server on my desktop! That means I can use 4000×4000 wide canvases on my own “server” without having to use the public pChats. There are a few downsides, like the lack of a dedicated server, it work well this session.

Also, not enough Momijis (despite the huge one on the bottom).

Bonus: here is a drawing me and Vaporeon did when we were stress testing the pChat server

group-17-Bonus_TestPic copy

Group pChat 14: We Go Live


Well, while we didn’t have too many people, just me, DX7_EP, Vaporeon, and Emma, we managed to open up a stream at picarto.com. The stream is not on right now, but you can find the link below. Unfortunately, I have no means to announce when the stream is online besides posting it on the IRC.

Today’s drawing session, for the most part, was based on Chen. In particular, me convincing Vaporeon to draw more by putting Chen into terrible situations. That didn’t work because we used openCanvas initially and it failed halfway through. Instead, we switched to the more stable paintChat. This might be our last time in using openCanvas because it is getting unstable to use. Farewell, oC, your network capabilities and nice paint tools will not be forgotten.

Let’s not forget the openCanvas drawing session; the image link below.



Group openCanvas 4: Into the darkness


Another oC session featuring myself, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, and Freeze-ex. Unfortunately, AngryCow was too busy this session to join, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to join: we drew until 3AM (well, not the entire session).

Along with that, I tried using the oC server experiment features to support more than 4 users (oC is limited to 4 users) and, well, it started giving me error messages when more than 4 people joined. We tried twice before I just set the oC server to its safest settings. Alternatively, paintChat works well with multiple users, but its tools are not at the same level as that of openCanvas (anti-aliasing). The hunt for the best multi-user/network drawing program continues.

Tagging the names of the characters we draw isn’t easy for me.


Edit: Your grammar is awful.

Group pChat 12: The Gensokyo Army


For this group sketch sessions, we had a lot of artists come in to draw. Including the usual guys, me, AngryCow (top middle), and Vaporeon (top left), we also had DX7_EP (bottom right), Mamizou (submarine in the bottom left), Emma (middle), Freeze-Ex (Yuyuko), and PlumAppleJ (manly Reimu and Momiji).

Not only that, after Freeze-Ex, PlumAppleJ, and Emma left, we went a little crazy with the canvas. Well, I went gun crazy.


Group pChat: Ships, sailors, and Touhou


Today in late night group pChat we have the usual me, AngryCow, and Vaporeon, in addition to overcoat, DX7_EP, and Mamizou (from Touhou IRC). And, like usual, it was 3:00AM since we finished.

Something a little different: Mamizou’s K-19 nuclear submarine; the hunt for the Touhou submarine. We might do some crazy IJN vs Gensokyo with ships later on.

Anyways, I’m too tired. Drawings belong to their respective owners; I’m sure you know who by now.

openCanvas Group: Better than Oekaki/paintChat!


January 04


January 08

Vaporeon introduced me to openCanvas as a replacement for paintChat (what  I used for the past group sketches). Apparently, this version of openCanvas is the outdated one that still supported network capabilities. As a result, we had much difficulties being able to connect! Well, after a few tries, we got it right.

Like usual, it’s me, AngryCow, and Vaporeon on the canvas drawing. Vaporean drew Ran, Irisu, and Mokou on both sketches. AngryCow did box-sama for both and introduce pylon-sama on the second!

As for me, I introduce Okami’s sisters Naomi (older) and Haruki (younger). Along with those two, I introduce a new character: wo-dog! A mischievous wo-dog (actually a wolf) that likes to cause trouble. On the second drawing, it features a short story about Gensokyo being plagued by a deadly virus that infects human and youkai alike. I had some inspiration from Bomber Grape.