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Notes from BWSnowy #9

I haven’t drawn as much as the previous semesters, but here’s my semester worth of drawings.

From my Computer science class:

From my Project Management and Quality Assurance class:

And from Employee Relations:


Notes From BWSnowy 5

Here are some of my doodles I did during the last couple weeks, which wasn’t a lot. I had some things to do and I was unusually attentive for most of my classes. I also have a couple of drawings I am working on, but I haven’t had the chance to finish any of them. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them soon and post them.

On another note, while OneNote is like Macromedia Flash, where every stroke is a individual vector, it has difficulty deciding which overlapping vector should stay on top. For example, I don’t draw Momiji with heterochromia eyes (hint).

Notes From BWSnowy 3

I manage to stay awake and I listen to the listen from doodling. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay awake for a lesson that is not very engaging or interesting.

Also, I’m trying out the highlighting tool. It’s hard to draw thin lines horizontally, but it works well enough.