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Drawpile 2 – Spring Session


At last we have ourselves a session and a lot of people are missing. Can’t be helped. The people who contributed to this session includes myself, DX7_EP, Coobie, PapayaKing, NorrisDrifter, and Chocodemon. Hopefully the next session won’t be as conflicting.

Drawpile itself has been cooperating with us, but two of our members failed to reconnect to the remainder of the session. One of the members citing the program crashing at a certain frame. We’re on 0.9.9, so it might be fixed in 0.9.10. Still, the program works well and, for the most part, everything works fine. The issues are far fewer than Nyanchan and Paintchat, but there are a few things left to be desired.

Hopefully I’ll host more Drawpile sessions in the future considering the long break.