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Some Recent Drawings

Forgot to post some recent drawings I had tucked away.

monster - paladin girl woes
A paladin is off on a journey with her demon friend who constantly “encourages” her to convert.
monster - towel Jiang shi
“Ermm… well… ummm….”
monster - very cheeki anubi
Very cheeki breeki.
monster - dragon bully cyoa Mimi master memester 1 - 4
I think I caught cancer when I finished drawing this.
monster - drive by paladins
The streets aren’t safe.
monster - waitress lizardman
> be lizardman
> be a waitress at a cafe because knighthood doesn’t pay
> faggot meme cat always order complicate mocha-latte-supreme with triple espresso shots and 3 different flavour shots
> takes more time “instagraming” it than drinking it
> paladin comes in asking for beer
> “We don’t serve beer, sir. The bar is next door.”
> collect tips at the end of the day
> mfw I collected 40c in canucktire money