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Group pChat 18: Ship girls and More Boxes


Another session packed with people: me, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, AngryCow, Warsign, Mamizou, Fauzm, Chocodemon, TheVaultDweller, and PapayaKing.

There was a few issues with the pChat server, along with the canvas being smaller than usual, but everything went well.

Also, there is never enough box-sama.

Group openCanvas 4: Into the darkness


Another oC session featuring myself, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, and Freeze-ex. Unfortunately, AngryCow was too busy this session to join, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to join: we drew until 3AM (well, not the entire session).

Along with that, I tried using the oC server experiment features to support more than 4 users (oC is limited to 4 users) and, well, it started giving me error messages when more than 4 people joined. We tried twice before I just set the oC server to its safest settings. Alternatively, paintChat works well with multiple users, but its tools are not at the same level as that of openCanvas (anti-aliasing). The hunt for the best multi-user/network drawing program continues.

Tagging the names of the characters we draw isn’t easy for me.


Edit: Your grammar is awful.

Group pChat 12: The Gensokyo Army


For this group sketch sessions, we had a lot of artists come in to draw. Including the usual guys, me, AngryCow (top middle), and Vaporeon (top left), we also had DX7_EP (bottom right), Mamizou (submarine in the bottom left), Emma (middle), Freeze-Ex (Yuyuko), and PlumAppleJ (manly Reimu and Momiji).

Not only that, after Freeze-Ex, PlumAppleJ, and Emma left, we went a little crazy with the canvas. Well, I went gun crazy.