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Notes from BWSnowy #9

I haven’t drawn as much as the previous semesters, but here’s my semester worth of drawings.

From my Computer science class:

From my Project Management and Quality Assurance class:

And from Employee Relations:


Notes of BWSnowy 8 – Till Now (Early Spring)

Well, I haven’t doodled too often due to exams and my spring classes are engaging enough for me to keep me awake. I have some drawings I’ve been holding back till now to upload and I’m planning to draw more once I get the chance to finish some things I couldn’t do during the winter semester.

Drawpile 1 – It Wurks Edition

It wurks edition
It wurks edition

Well, I was planning to do another draw session but NyanChat brought challenges that made it impossible to draw in. I could have went back to PaintChat/Oekaki, but it has compatibility problems with the latest version of Java.

Eventually, AngryCow found a functional alternative called Drawpile. While there are a few kinks that needs to be ironed out (few users timed out from drawing), it has awesome drawing and image manipulation features that adds greater value than previous network drawing applications. For example, when someone was disconnected from the host, they copied their drawing from the disconnected canvas to another connected canvas. Despite how well everything else works, the drawing tools themselves need some work. Pressure sensitivity feels odd and there are a limited number of tools; something I suspect the developer would add considering how much detail they put onto the program.

As for the session itself, we myself, AngryCow, DX7_EP, Vaporeon, Miko, Chocodemon, Papayaking, NorrisDrifter, TVD, and maybe Nazeo. Great efforts was made to draw legs, so be thankful for that.

Notes From BWSnowy 7

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Group NyanChat 1: The Last

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Well, we’ve try NyanChat as an alternative, and this is the last time we’ll used it. The client crashed for each person and we were forced to start fresh, but it still continue to crash. For myself, I was middle of finishing off AK-47 Momiji and adding a shotgun to the one that Freeze-Ex was drawing, but the session desynced and crashed when I saved it. This is more so unstable than openCanvas.

Those who managed to push through this mess was myself, DX7_EP AngryCow, Coobie, MelonMoon, TVD, PapayaKing, FreezeEx, and Mamizou and Vaporeon (forgot to add to the file).