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Group NyanChat 1: The Last

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Well, we’ve try NyanChat as an alternative, and this is the last time we’ll used it. The client crashed for each person and we were forced to start fresh, but it still continue to crash. For myself, I was middle of finishing off AK-47 Momiji and adding a shotgun to the one that Freeze-Ex was drawing, but the session desynced and crashed when I saved it. This is more so unstable than openCanvas.

Those who managed to push through this mess was myself, DX7_EP AngryCow, Coobie, MelonMoon, TVD, PapayaKing, FreezeEx, and Mamizou and Vaporeon (forgot to add to the file).

Group pChat 20: This is not Kancolle

group-20-BWS-DX7_EP-AngryCow-PapayaKing-Miko-Chocodemon-Freeze-Ex copy

The Captain isn’t from Kancolle, and Meiling is good girl.

Amazingly, we started early this time. We had me, DX7_EP, AngryCow, PapayaKing, Miko, Chocodemon, and Freeze-ex (surprisingly). However, Vaporeon couldn’t join this session; coming back late and all. As soon as Freeze-ex joined, everyone stopped to watch what he’s drawing. Even Sakuya noticed.

Also, the Captain/Okami isn’t from Kancolle (unless you want to see my cruddy 8 year old drawings of him). I liked IJN stuff before Kancolle happened (hipster alert). This is ship girls to me: http://www.bwsnowy.com/?p=364

Okay, not really. More like girls on ships. Unless you see ship girls, I’m doing regular WWII anime stuff.

Anyways, let me put my hipster glasses on.

Group openCanvas 4: Into the darkness


Another oC session featuring myself, Vaporeon, DX7_EP, and Freeze-ex. Unfortunately, AngryCow was too busy this session to join, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to join: we drew until 3AM (well, not the entire session).

Along with that, I tried using the oC server experiment features to support more than 4 users (oC is limited to 4 users) and, well, it started giving me error messages when more than 4 people joined. We tried twice before I just set the oC server to its safest settings. Alternatively, paintChat works well with multiple users, but its tools are not at the same level as that of openCanvas (anti-aliasing). The hunt for the best multi-user/network drawing program continues.

Tagging the names of the characters we draw isn’t easy for me.


Edit: Your grammar is awful.

Group pChat 12: The Gensokyo Army


For this group sketch sessions, we had a lot of artists come in to draw. Including the usual guys, me, AngryCow (top middle), and Vaporeon (top left), we also had DX7_EP (bottom right), Mamizou (submarine in the bottom left), Emma (middle), Freeze-Ex (Yuyuko), and PlumAppleJ (manly Reimu and Momiji).

Not only that, after Freeze-Ex, PlumAppleJ, and Emma left, we went a little crazy with the canvas. Well, I went gun crazy.