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Drawpile, Doodles, and a New Tablet PC, Update September 27, 2018

Bowsette is a qt, so I had to draw her.

Also, here are some drawings from some previous /monster/ and /animu/ drawpile.

Thanks to vult, umbrant, and axem for the great session. You’ll see some of their drawings in the screen captures.

Here are some of my doodles I did this month.

Oh, and I got myself a new (used) tablet pc!

My Thinkpad X230t might be getting a bit old, especially with its scuffed up screen. The new Thinpad Helix gen1 has a lovely 1920×1080 display (1366×768 on the X230t) with a better scratch resistant glass screen. This sure beats shelling out $$$ for a new Huion.