Jealous Momiji

Momiji knows when you’re looking at other girls.


Whew, that took a while. Perhaps one day I might actually use the tools that smug/blend in SAI. Oh, and I started making the lighting towards the sides rather than generalized. I feel it looks more interesting.

Also, bonus old material:

Kagerou: Making Friends with Momiji

Momiji still isn’t at good terms with Kagerou.


I am BWsnowy, or also known as BIO_WOLF/BIO_DOG everywhere else. You may refer to me a snowy if you’re not sure what to call me.

As of this moment I have tried too many websites to host my gallery, but none of them truly satisfy my interest. The best place to find any or all of my drawings would be my DeviantArt account, which I may only be updated with illustrations and not status. Another place I use for quick image posting would be my account. This new blog will be where, hopefully, all my newest drawings are posted.

About myself: I draw and code. As a Computer Information System student, my knowledge covers the field of programming and networking related issues. As a artist, I like to express myself through drawings. Let’s be honest here: I’m not the best artist nor may my drawings will be always good, but I ain’t going to take anyone’s rude remarks. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but let’s keep it clean here, okay?

Anyways, my drawings mostly consist of Touhou related illustrations, mini drawings, or panels, but when I’m being serious, then I may draw original alternate WW2 related illustrations. For the moment I’m drawing mini square illustrations that I refer to as “mini comics”, and the vertically long illustrations, “Wolf Girl Problems” (WGP). As you can see I like to draw Momiji Inubashiri or my original character captain Okami as my default characters for my any of my drawings. Momiji is the best wolf girl (in the Touhou context), but Horo is cool too.

When I finally get around drawing the comic I was always planning, then I may provide more detail about this “mysterious” captain Okami. For now, all you need to know is Okami is a IJN commander¬† and captain of a light cruiser, but now reduced to courier services as he remains in Gensokyo.

Well, that was long. Here’s a illustration from WGP:

Reisen the wed seller

Here’s some context.

note – I’m sure BW in BWsnowy looks pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

MGE and Doodles