The Panties Raider, Update 3

The latest update to Panty Raiders spans 11 posts long and it includes a ton of Prudence and Church antics. I’ve also forgotten to update the other drawings for the previous Panty Raiders update, so I’ve merged it together in one large blog post.

In an unexpected updated from Clip Studio Paint, I’ve found out that the newest update adds the marker tool from SAI. While I’ve played around with the various tools in Clip Studio Paint, I could not find something that could match the utility of the marker tool. With all the developer support and new feature updates in Clip Studio Paint I no longer need to keep SAI on my laptop anymore. Plus, the touch screen support is very handy on my Thinkpad.

Anubis Colouring Practice, Website Update

I am trying to improve my colouring and experiment with some different tools in Clip Studio Pro. The edges are automatically added as I brush on the colours. I would later like to try some more advanced painting techniques when I find the time. Some extra drawings below.

As for the website, you may have noticed for the last few weeks an improvement in the loading time. The new plugin I’ve added uses jQuery to load content when in view, which means browsing the blog is much faster than before. This especially helps the gallery, where the preview images only load as you scroll to the bottom.

MGE and Doodles