Group pChat 20: This is not Kancolle

group-20-BWS-DX7_EP-AngryCow-PapayaKing-Miko-Chocodemon-Freeze-Ex copy

The Captain isn’t from Kancolle, and Meiling is good girl.

Amazingly, we started early this time. We had me, DX7_EP, AngryCow, PapayaKing, Miko, Chocodemon, and Freeze-ex (surprisingly). However, Vaporeon couldn’t join this session; coming back late and all. As soon as Freeze-ex joined, everyone stopped to watch what he’s drawing. Even Sakuya noticed.

Also, the Captain/Okami isn’t from Kancolle (unless you want to see my cruddy 8 year old drawings of him). I liked IJN stuff before Kancolle happened (hipster alert). This is ship girls to me:

Okay, not really. More like girls on ships. Unless you see ship girls, I’m doing regular WWII anime stuff.

Anyways, let me put my hipster glasses on.

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