Elisabeth Reading, Lich Quest

monster - lich quest Elisabeth

I’ve been working on this work for weeks, which would have been done earlier if I hadn’t went for a week long camping trip.

I really liked drawing in the Victorian style dress on Elisabeth. The intricate frills made shading pretty fun, but the shading was difficult to get right the first time. The most difficult part of drawing Elisabeth was getting the hand posture right on the page flip. The palm initially faced out at an odd direction that made the fingers grasp the pagesĀ  awkwardly. Once I finished painting in Elisabeth, I felt that I should try adding in a background to complete the illustration.

I don’t do backgrounds that often.

Most of the background work was perspective based, so I decided to try out the ruler tool to save some time. I’ve spent a week on experimenting with the vector tools and getting the linework to work. Even when the ruler tools saved me time to draw the background, there were a lot of books to draw in. This was not as bad as painting in each book in the shelves, but this was tedious work nevertheless.

I think the part what I would like to fix would be the shadow casted by Elisabeth. I could not predict how her shadow would appear, so I mostly took a guess and had it cross checked with my friend.

Overall, it came out nice, but I would like to work on backgrounds more often.

Bonus: alt. version and linework


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